Governance Token (BTG)

Bitcoin Governance Token Called "BitGovernance" Ticker Symbol (BTG)

BitGovernance (BTG) Token Will First Launch On Binance Smart Chain As A Bep20 Token & Be Sold In A Fair Market Launch On Pinksale Starting on 5/22/23 & Will Run Until The Sales Conclusion. The Raised Funds From The Governance Token Sale Will Be Used To Build The Initial dApps For The Community & Officially Launch The Bitcoin EVM Network.

BitGovernance (BTG) Will Also Be Launched On Bitcoin EVM Chain With A Decentralized Non-custodial Bridge That Allows Holders To Move Their Bitgovernance To & From Binance Smart Chain & Bitcoin EVM.

Initial Launch Price: $1 Per BTG

Total Supply: 10,000,000

Presale Supply: 1,000,000

Presale Added To Liquidity 70% On Pancake Swap.

30% Of Presale Will Go To Bitcoin EVM To Further Development & Strategic Marketing For The Official Launch.

The Remaining 9,000,000 (BTG) Tokens Will Be Held In Reserved & Used At The Communities Discretion With Bitcoin EVM's On Chain Decentralized Voting System For BTG Token Holders.

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