Bitcoin EVM

Bitcoin Ethereum Virtual Machine Documentation
Web3 Enabled Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Ethereum Virtual Machine "EVM" Is A High Performant EVM Compatible Blockchain Upgrade For Bitcoin. Bringing Lower Fees, Lower Transaction Times & Smart Contracts.
Bitcoin Holders Can Easily Bridge Their BTC To & From Bitcoin EVM At A 1 BTC To 1 eBTC Ratio.
Bitcoin EVM (eBTC) Is Pegged To The Price of Bitcoin (BTC) & Can Be Redeemed For Bitcoin At Any Time With Trust-less OnChain Non-Custodial Bridges.
Bitcoin EVM Is A Decentralized Private Web3 Ecosystem For Bitcoin. Bitcoin EVM Will Never Be Listed On Centralized Exchanges or Web2 Market Data Price Aggregators To Ensure Users Privacy & Allow Bitcoin Users To Hold & Use Bitcoin Onchain with no KYC or 3rd Parties Necessary To Access Your Assets.
Bitcoin EVM Community Will Build High Powered On Chain Decentralized Finance Applications As Well As Real Engine Powered Full Graphic Customer Grade Video Games.
Bitcoin EVM Makes Bitcoin Carbon Neutral A Better More Advanced Way To Use Bitcoin.