Web3 BTC

Bitcoin EVM (BTC) Is The EVM Compatible Bitcoin Native Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin EVM Is The Gateway For Bitcoin Holders To Use Their Bitcoin In On Chain Web3 Solutions.

Pegged 1 To 1 To Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin EVM Is Exchangeable For Bitcoin At Any Time At A 1 to 1 Rate. Bitcoin EVM Is Not Redeemable For Fiat & Only Can Be Redeemed For Bitcoin At A 1 To 1 Rate.

BTC Is Compatible With The Ethereum Virtual Machine Allowing Anything That Can Be Done On Ethereum To Now Be Done With Bitcoin For 1,000,000,000th The Cost Of Ethereum.

Bitcoin EVM Is More Efficient Than Both Ethereum & Bitcoin With Scalable Infrastructure That Can Serve 1,000,000s of on chain transactions a second for micropennies.

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